3 Days Wulingyuan & Tianmen Mount Photo Tour

Wulingyuan & Tianmen Mount Photo Tour

Duration 3 Days
Group size Only you
Guided in English
Instructed by Experienced local guide
Aprox. photos more than 300

This Zhangjiajie photography tour is designed for photo lovers to capture Zhangjiajie’s natural wonders.

This Zhangjiajie photography tour can be customized depending on what photos you want to take. Feel free to tell me your interests and ideas!

Why Join Our Photo Tour?

  • 1 PHOTOGRAPHER designed this tour
  • 2 PHOTOGRAPHER guide this tour

What does a photographer guide mean for the tour?

A photographer guide will take you to the unique spots, find the different angles, help you on camera settings and composition, interact with local minority people, you will bring home with portfolio shots.

Photo Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Yuanjiajie, Hallelujah Mountain, Sunset at Yangjiajie

In the morning, you'll first take Bailong elevator up to explore the Real Padora World - Yuanjiajie. Yuanjiajie is world famous as the mountains here inspired the floating mountains in the Hollywood movie AVATAR. Shoot the original of Hallelujah Mountain in the film of AVATAR, the First Bridge under the Heaven, stand on the Bridge Viewing Terrace to shoot the First Bridge under Heaven, and shoot other amazing lesser peaks and grotesque rocks stand in the valley.)

Then, take sightseeing bus to the lower cable station of Yangjiajie and take cable car up to Yangjiajie. Yangjiajie is a relatively newer part of the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park as beautiful as Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountian. Shoot the main attractions such as Tianbo Mansion, Oolong Village, Natural Great Wall, Corridor the Cliffs, and capture sunset in One Step Under the Heaven.

Later, transfer back to Wulingyuan for accommodation.

Day 2
Sunrise in Laowuchang + Tianzi Mountain

After breakfast in the hotel, heading to Laowuchang which is a perfect place to photograph the mixture of mountains and rice fields. Shoot the most interesting sight - Fields in the Sky, terraced rice paddies on the top of the peaks. Also, capture the magnificent view of Supernatural Army Gathering.

On this day, you'll go to Tianzi Mountain where you can have a stunning view of the peaks rising one after another. Atop of the mountain offers a full extent of the whole scenic area, which is magnificent and spectacular. There are four wonders in Tianzi Mountain: the Sea of Clouds, the Radiance of the Moonlight, Rays of Sunshine and the Snow in winter. (Highlights for Photography: Tianzi Mountain is the highest place that photographers could capture the panoramic view of Wulingyuan Scenic Area.)

After the exciting tour, you'll transfer to Zhangjiajie downtown and stay overnight there.

Day 3
Tianmen Mountain & Cave

On this day, you’ll first take a trip to Tianmen Mountain. Referred to as the 'Soul of culture and spirit of Zhangjiajie', Tianmen Mountain, standing 1,500 meters above sea level, boasts miraculous and unique geographic landform, unparalleled natural landscape, profound cultural connotations.

Experience the longest cableway in Asia with a length of 7200 meters, take photos of Avenue toward Heaven with 99 turns from cable car. On the top of Tianmen Mountain, enjoy the Cliff-Hanging Walkway and avoid the crowds to take some photos; hold your breath and experience the thrilling Glass Sky Walk. Then, visit the natural mountain-penetrating Karst cave - Tianmen Cave. The foot of the cave is wonderful photo opportunity with the hole in the mountain as the background. It is worth waiting for the sunlight to shine through the hole with mist or smoke illuminating the way.

After the tour, send you to the airport or train station for your next destination.

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